Viking Axe with carved Scandinavic handle

Engrave your text in Viking style

This is a hand forged Viking Bearded axe from hardened high carbon steel 52100 (100Cr6) with a leather case.

Steel 52100 (100Cr6) has better cutting properties and more protected from rust.

The wooden (ash) handle with carved Scandinavic pattern. Cutting edge is forged.

On the head of the axe etched pattern on the Scandinavian motifs.

Size of a head of an axe ~12*16,5 cm (~4,7*6 1/3 inches). The total length is 55 cm (~ 18 3/4 inches). Weight - 1.1 - 1.15 kg.

You can use this hatchet in camping, back yard, bushcrafting, chopping wood, felling wood.

The axe is functional.

The axe will be custom-made and be ready for shipment in 35-41 business days.

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