Scandinavian hand forged axe with Drakkar head

Engrave your text in Viking style

Hand forged Viking axe with from hardened 52100 (100Cr6) steel with a leather case and carved wooden (ash tree) handle with leather wrap. Steel 52100 (100Cr6) has better cutting properties and more protected from rust.
Size of a head of an axe ~15*18 cm (~5 9/10 * 7 inches). 
The total length is 61 cm . Weight - 1.35-1.4 kg. 
The axe is absolutely functional. 
Cutting edge is forged. 
You can use it for camping, hatchet wood, felling trees, etc

*Customization: I can engrave your text in Viking style on the handle  (NOT metal part). You can give any text or picture or symbol.

The axe will be custom-made and be ready for shipment within 35-41 business days.

Please note: you can choose fast delivery via DHL which take only 4-6 business days! For last moment gifts and urgent situations.



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