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Viking rune axe " Njord "

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Viking rune axe " Njord "

  • Dive into Norse Mythology: The "Njord" is more than just a Viking Axe; it's a journey back in time. Meticulously crafted, it captures the essence of Viking legends and combats prowess.
  • Unrivalled Craftsmanship: This Battle Axe boasts a beautifully carved ashwood handle, making every swing a statement. Paired with a protective leather sheath, it's a fusion of beauty and brawn.
  • Forged for Battle: Crafted from high carbon steel W108, the axe ensures unmatched durability. With a hardness rating of Rockwell 52-56(HRC), it's truly built for battle.

  • Embrace the Symbols: Adorning the axe are the vegvisir symbol and othala rune. The vegvisir, or "wayfinder", is a guidance tool, ensuring one never loses their way. The othala rune represents ancestral spiritual power, inheritance, and home.
  • Key Specifications: Boasting a 5.11" cutting edge, this Norse Hatchet extends 18.11" in overall length and weighs 2.2lb. Your purchase is complemented with standard seven elder futhark runes engraved on the head.

Technical Details:

Cutting edge: 5.11" (130mm)
Overall length: 18.11" (460mm)
Overall weight: 2.2b (1kg)
The material of axe head: high carbon steel W108, forged
Handle material: ashwood
Hardness: Rockwell 52-56(HRC)
The leather cover: included
have standard engraving

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Viking rune axe " Njord " from AncientSmithy
Viking rune axe " Njord "
$244.02 Regular price $294.00

You save 17 %!

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