Old Viking Shield Sterling Silver Pendant


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Viking Shield Pendant Silver and gold - a unique product for brave warriors and explorers

The ancient Vikings used round, wooden shields that were designed to protect from enemy arrows and swords. Excavations often revealed shields made from fir and spruce trees, covered with light iron plates from the inside. This design ensured protection against enemies and special runes provided warriors with support of the higher powers, and deflected curses. Jewelry items created on the basis of these items make for powerful amulets to protect against negative effects.

Viking Shield Pendant amulet created by experienced jewelers in a private workshop

We have created an elegant styling of the popular Viking Shield Pendant just for you. This small item (35 x 35 x 2 mm) is an exact replica of the product that protected the great warriors throughout hundreds of battles, witnessed great victories, and wrote history. Numerous cracks and nicks are reminiscent of the plight of the Vikings, who were forced to fight for the sake of their families, search for fertile lands and write their history with blood and sweat. 

Order the Viking shield pendant silver and yellow gold for a loved one who will appreciate this unique jewelry.

Viking Shield Pendant jewelry  is handcrafted by experienced jewelers, who know and love their job. We do not use any industrial stamping or automated processes for the sake of quality and exclusivity. If you are looking for a special gift, Viking Shield Pendant buy is exactly what you need!