Kratos felling Axe God of War

Engrave your text in Viking style

AncientSmithy's online store has a wide selection of custom made axes, hatchets, tomahawks and the other masculine gifts for any taste and style. This Leviathan axe with a gracefully carved blade is the signature weapon for Kratos. Absolutely masculine and handy item. The felling hatchet is for a real man of character and can be easily used for utility purposes. Our team strives to make the best possible axes, based on a great deal of experience, using traditional blacksmith methods. The cutting edge is made of high-quality carbon steel. Our tomahawk axe will be an awesome unique gift for any special man in your life, especially for a lover of collectible or cosplay LARP weapon.

Item details:
Materials: high carbon steel M1017.
Weight: 4kg.
Length - 910mm (35.7").
Width - 36cm (14.1").
Height of the bigger blade - 24cm (9.4").
Height of the smaller blade - 13cm (5.1").

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