Drakkar Ring Sterling Silver Handcrafted Norse Jewelry


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Drakkar Ring jewelry - another striking creation from the viking-workshop craftsmen

Drakkars, these famous Viking ships, have become a real symbol of seafaring. Searching for new lands, food and goods, the Vikings were forced to take to the seas and oceans. They entrusted their lives to the wooden ships that had a characteristic long and narrow design, as well as a bent stern, ending in a dragon head. Today the replicas of Drakkars can be found in almost every port of the Baltic States and Scandinavia. We offer one-of-a-kind Drakkar pendants and rings created using art modeling.

Drakkar Ring for sale, presented in the viking-workshop store, has an unusual shape, one half of it is formed by the Drakkar, and the other by a semi-circle with a rough ornament. High detail and quality of the Drakkar Ring jewelry make it an exquisite gift.

Drakkar Ring amulet - for those who love to travel and wander

Drakkar Ring is also a powerful amulet that protects travelers, brings luck and helps to find your way home (its importance rivals that of the famous Thor’s Hammer pendant with a cross and wolf’s head, the center of which contained a moonstone for navigation). Special energy of the product adds confidence to all the people who are on the verge of an important life decision. Drakkar Ring looks handsome on a finger, and represents a testament to its wearer’s strong and steadfast character, and courage.

Drakkar Ring Sterling Silver Handcrafted Norse Jewelry

  • Unique handmade ring
  • Made-to-order (you'll get the ring which is made individually with your size)
  • Branded box
  • Worldwide shipping + Tracking number
  • Careful packaging

  • Metal: 925 silver, sterling silver
  • Weight: approx. 8-9 g
  • The weight of the ring depends on its size