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Handmade Viking Leather Belt "Heimdall"

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  1. The belt is made of natural unpainted leather of vegetable tanning of Italian production;
  2. It consists of three layers: two main and one decorative with embossing under the skin of a stingray or with embroidered runes;
  3. The thread is made manually with a cutter;
  4. The belts are stitched by hand, with a saddle seam, with a waxed thread;
  5. Hand-painted.

The size of the strap corresponds to the waist girth and can be measured on the old belt from the beginning of the tongue to the hole that is used.

The size of the new strap is measured from the beginning of the tongue to the middle hole.

Maximum strap size 44 inch (110mm)

The width of the strap is 1.5 inch (39 mm)

Handmade Viking Leather Belt "Heimdall" from AncientSmithy
Handmade Viking Leather Belt "Heimdall" $455.00 Regular price

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