Mask from Gnezdovo Bronze Pendant Viking Amulet


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Handmade Mask from Gnezdovo Bronze pendant

This exciting mask was found in the territory of the Smolensk Oblast of the Russian Federation. The product has clearly traces of Slavs and Vikings, who interacted in the X century. So far, there is no single opinion on the symbolism of the mask, whose design was used to create the Mask from Gnezdovo Bronze Pendant Viking Amulet. However, it is known for certain that the object was used to ward off evil spirits, as well as curses. The mask found its place in everyday life and in the military affairs. It helped protect people, the army and even livestock. Our pendant shows an accurate reduced copy of the most powerful Norse symbol. Here you can order Mask from Gnezdovo Bronze Pendant Viking Amulet with prompt delivery worldwide.

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Mask from Gnezdovo Bronze Pendant Viking Amulet for sale is available not only in bronze, but also 925 sterling silver, and white or yellow gold. You can choose any of these options or choose another amulet. An excellent choice for young girls would be Lunula Pendant Sterling Silver Female Charm, and men will definitely like the Thor’s Hammer one. Along with each pendant the customer receives a free high-strength 700 mm cord, a beautiful branded box, which can be used as a gift, and a CD with Scandinavian folk songs.

Mask from Gnezdovo Bronze Pendant Viking Amulet

  • Unique handmade pendant
  • Made-to-order (you'll get the pendant which is made individually)
  • Branded box
  • Free 700 mm cord
  • Worldwide shipping + Tracking number
  • Careful packaging

  • Metal: bronze
  • Weight: approx. 10 g
  • Size: 30 x 30 x 3 mm 
  • Hole size: 5 mm
  • One-sided pendant