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Thor Hammer Mjölnir Silver Pendant "Valfreyja"

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Introducing our magnificent Thor Hammer Silver Mjölnir Pendant! This exceptional piece of jewelry pays homage to the mighty hammer wielded by the Norse god of thunder, Thor. Crafted with precision and passion, our pendant captures the essence of strength, power, and protection.

Made from high-quality sterling silver, this Mjölnir pendant shines with brilliance and showcases intricate details. The Thor Hammer symbolizes courage, bravery, and the ability to overcome any obstacle. It serves as a powerful talisman, guarding the wearer and imbuing them with the strength of the gods.

Our Thor Hammer Silver Mjölnir Pendant is a perfect choice for those who appreciate Norse mythology and seek to connect with the heroic spirit of Thor. Whether you're a fan of Viking lore or admire the symbol's significance, this pendant is an ideal accessory to express your individuality and make a bold statement.

Metal: 925 silver
Width, cm: 2.0
Height with eyelet, cm: 2.8
Eyelet size, cm: 0.4

Weight: 8.50 g


Thor Hammer Mjölnir Silver Pendant "Valfreyja" from AncientSmithy
Thor Hammer Mjölnir Silver Pendant "Valfreyja" $98.00 Regular price

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