Odin Allfather Sterling Silver Unique Viking Ring Norse Jewelry


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Odin Allfather Ring jewelry - an essential attribute of true Vikings

Odin is the supreme god of Asgard, the father and the leader of æsir. He was also the god of war and victory, the master of Valhalla and the patron of the military aristocracy. Odin was a skilled shaman and sage. By sacrificing one of his eyes, he was able to comprehend the mystery of magic runes and become the wisest man in the universe. On the day of Ragnarok Odin would die from the fangs of the monstrous wolf Fenrir, but nevertheless remain a mentor to the brave Vikings, who will wear rings and pendants depicting Odin, as well as dedicate hundreds of legends to him that will reach our time.

Exclusive Odin Allfather Ring for sale of silver and gold from viking-workshop

Odin Allfather Ring from VikingWorkshop is an exclusive piece of jewelry with no other like it anywhere in the world.

The ring has a simple design, but its thought-out ornament accurately conveys all the brutality and courage of the brave Vikings. Odin Allfather Ring jewelry is an artistic modeling, where viking-workshop experts used a variety of styles and patterns, making the ring look simple, yet at the same time elegant and beautiful. It looks great on a man's finger and fits into the appearance of a biker, athlete or even an office worker. Odin's ring can be considered an alternative to the popular Skull ring, which the strong and independent individuals are so fond of.

Here you can order Odin ring of sterling silver, yellow gold (9,14,18K) and white gold (9,14,18K). All stages of production take place in private workshops and are carried out only after you order the product on the website, having selected the size and material. The finished Odin Allfather Ring is delivered to anywhere in the world in a gorgeous gift box plus an exclusive bonus.

Odin Allfather Sterling Silver Unique Viking Ring Norse Jewelry

  • Unique handmade ring
  • Made-to-order (you'll get the ring which is made individually with your size)
  • Branded box
  • Worldwide shipping + Tracking number
  • Careful packaging

  • Metal: 925 silver, sterling silver
  • Weight: approx. 25 - 26 g
  • The weight of the ring depends on its size
  • Can be made in any size you need (7 1/2 US, 11 1/4 US etc.)