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Amazing jewelry for unique people

Shark is one of the most dangerous and powerfulanimals on earth. It is partial to compassion, and any small fish caught in theway of this predator is doomed. The ancient Vikings, who were brave seafarers,regularly encountered sharks on their lengthy travels, and so they respect theanimal. Amulets with shark teeth are often found at the excavation sites. Thesecharms were meant to protect against curses, the evil eye, diseases andenemies. The same properties were possessed by the Black Sun symbol amulets, however, the mariners valued shark teeth more.

Gold shark ring from viking-workshop is a unique product, created bytrue professionals

Our sharkring is unique and handmadeby our experienced craftsmen. The design of the ring was created usinghand-molding techniques representing a shark's face with an open mouth. Hereyou can order shark ringjewelry made of sterlingsilver, yellow gold (9.14K and 18K), as well as white gold (9.14K and 18K). Theentire production is carried out by hand with no factory stamping.

The creation of this amazing ring will start onlyafter you place an order by selecting the desired size and material of theproduct.

Striking shark ring is a jewelry itemfor extraordinary people

Thisring is meant for the people who avoid clichés and strive to stand out from thecrowd with their taste and unique appearance. Sharkring makes for an absolutelyperfect gift for anybody, regardless of gender and age. The main thing is thatthe wearer is ready to get rid of dull jewelry and try something new. If theylike the gift, you can always come back for the Raven ring and other unique jewelry from viking-workshop.