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Silver pendant "Amulet of Ruevit"

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 Introducing our Silver pendant "Amulet of Ruevit," a powerful and symbolic piece inspired by the great heroic god who has safeguarded the universe and battled the forces of darkness for centuries. In the Slavic Vedic tradition, Ruevit is revered as the Protector, fighting alongside his brothers with the might of the sword and flame against incarnate evil.

Crafted with precision and care, this pendant showcases the strength and valor of Ruevit. The intricate design captures the essence of his warlike nature, symbolizing his unwavering dedication to defending the light against the forces of darkness. The power of the sword and flame is embodied in this remarkable amulet, offering protection and strength to its wearer.

The circle of wolves depicted on the pendant represents courage, independence, and loyalty to one's own herd. Each wolf symbolizes the spirit of resilience and unity, reminding us to stand strong in the face of adversity. With the Amulet of Ruevit, you can embrace these qualities and carry them with you as a daily source of inspiration and empowerment.

Metal: sterling silver 925"
Insert: wood - 1.25 g

Weight: 10.90 g

Silver pendant "Amulet of Ruevit" from AncientSmithy
Silver pendant "Amulet of Ruevit" $65.00 Regular price

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