Square Circle Rounding Hammer

Engraving on the handle

Hammer for blacksmithing 2lb

Materials and Dimensions

IItem details:
Handle length: 32cm (12.6").
Handle material: handle from plain oiled ash
Hammer head: Forged from C 70W2 steel, hardened and tempered to enable years of heavy use
Wedged with still wedge
Weight total : 2,5 lb

Hand forged hammer is made using free forging technique by an experienced blacksmith with more than 15 years of experience. This hammer with a heavy head and a flat back. This shape of the head is universal, because along with the striker you can work and the back, accelerating the metal. Work surfaces are heat treated to a hardness of HRC 48-52.

Customization: I can engrave your any personalization on the handle.
You can give any: name, date, short message, runic names, runes, ...

Thanks for checking my listing, hope to see you again soon. Should you have any questions please feel to contact me, I would be delighted to answer your questions.


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