Bushcraft Viking THOR hammer

We are proud to show you our new hammer - this is Show Hammer - Mjöllnir
It is a special symbol for blacksmiths as the God TOR has the incredible power of natural. The hammer is made from hardened carbon steel. The quality hammer tool is hand-forged and made using traditional blacksmith methods. It could be also a decorative object in your house, re-enactment games hammer, as well as functional bushcraft and woodworking tool.
An ideal gift for any special men in your life - father, husband, brother, uncle, etc.

Item details:
Weight ≈ 5.5 kg
Handle length: 35.5cm (13.77").
Head size: 8x8x16 cм (13.4" x 13.4"x6.3")

Handle material: steel, paracord winding under the grip, steel ball.

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