Viking Axe Bronze Pendant with Beautiful Ornament


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Viking Axe Bronze Pendant Norse Pendant with Beautiful Ornament

  • Unique handmade pendant
  • Made-to-order (you'll get the pendant which is made individually)
  • Branded box
  • Free 700 mm cord
  • Worldwide shipping + Tracking number
  • Careful packaging

  • Metal: bronze
  • Weight: approx. 12 - 13 g
  • Size: 40 x 28 x 7 mm
  • Hole size: 5 mm
  • Double-sided pendant

Viking axe is one of the most beautiful findings of ancient times. The earliest findings were axes made from iron with a thin silver inlayer. The Viking warrior treasures from the past commonly were decorated with traditional ornaments being peculiar for each settlement. The first Viking axes date back to 900AD. The ornaments which were commonly patterned on the axe were Christian Tree of Life with Phoenix symbol on the other side of the axe. According to ancient legends the phoenix sits on the old tree and guards Viking warriors till they sleep. 

If enemy appears near warriors the phoenix warns and wakes them up. Wearing this symbol will give you wisdom and ability to foresee and feel dangers around you to be on the alert.