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Viking Axe holder "Langskip"

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Viking Axe holder "Langskip"

  • Premium Construction: Expertly crafted from durable steel, our Wall Mount Axe Holder "Langskip" ensures your axe remains safely and stylishly displayed.
  • Fine Finish: Polished meticulously to avoid axe scratches, offering not just utility but elegance to your wall.
  • Traditional Protection: Each hook of the axe holder is coated with beeswax using time-honored blacksmith techniques, safeguarding against moisture and potential rust.
  • Multifunctional Design: Perfect for decor or functional use, the Viking Axe holder is versatile. Simply mount using metal screws for a sturdy setup.
  • Embrace Viking Spirit: Inspired by Viking Drakkars - the renowned longships known for their speed and symbolism in Nordic culture, transporting warriors across seas and into legends.

Technical Details:

 Size: 10.82x10.23" (275x260mm)
 Hook size: 2.16x1.77" (55x45mm)
 Length between hooks: 10.23" (260mm)
 Overall weight: 1.21lb (0.55kg)

 Size: 12.99x11.41" (330x290mm)
 Hook size: 2.16x1.77" (55x45mm)
 Length between hooks: 12" (305mm)
 Overall weight: 1.54lb (0.70kg)

Viking Axe holder "Langskip" from AncientSmithy
Viking Axe holder "Langskip" $80.00 Regular price

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