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Viking Axe Silver Pendant "Apedemak"

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Looking for a unique and mystical accessory that combines ancient culture and symbolism? Check out our silver pendant "Axe with Triskelion". Made of 925 silver and weighing 5.0 grams, this pendant features the powerful symbol of the axe representing strength, courage, and action, combined with the triskelion symbolizing the eternal movement of life, change, and development.

The triskelion is a universal symbol found in various cultures, including Celtic and Greek, representing the three-fold nature of the universe. This pendant is perfect for those who appreciate the history, traditions, and spirituality of different cultures. It's a perfect amulet that endows the wearer with energy, perseverance, and wisdom in overcoming life's challenges.

Metal: 925 silver
Average weight: 5.0 g
Width, cm: 1.8
Height with the loop, cm: 4.7
Height without the loop, cm: 3.9
Loop size, cm: 0.7 x 0.5
Viking Axe Silver Pendant "Apedemak" from AncientSmithy
Viking Axe Silver Pendant "Apedemak" $56.00 Regular price

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