Viking battle axe Valknut talisman with wooden box

Engrave your text in Viking style

This steel axe with unique Valknut engraving on the wooden box is a custom made, hand forged, very masculine and handy item.
The medieval Viking tomahawk with Runic ornament on the headaxe is for a real man of character and can be easily used as a woodwork tool, a hunting hatchet, a camping tool or a battle axe.
The Valknut amulet helps a person learn all the secrets of the universe and realize his own destiny. Moreover, Valknut can reveal the gift of clairvoyance, develop intuition and the ability to think rationally and logically.
With the help of this symbol, memory is improved, a person acquires higher wisdom and receives protection from all dark forces and from witchcraft.
Our team strives to make the best possible axes, based on a great deal of experience, using traditional blacksmith methods. We make axes with the best possible function for their particular area of use.
The cutting edge is forged and made of steel. Our Viking steel axe will be an awesome unique gift for any special man in your life - son, groomsman, best man, uncle, husband, father, grandfather, friend, brother, etc.

Item details:
The material of axe head: 5160 Carbon Steel
Head size: 18x13.5cm (7.08x5.11")
Handle length: ~ 61cm (24.01").
Handle material: ash wood.
Leather cover included.
Weight: 1.3kg.

All steps involved in making this axe was done solely with care by hand. No CNC, Waterjet or pre-cut blanks were used.

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