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Sterling Silver Kolovrat Hammer Pendant "Svarog"

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The Hammer with Kolovrat silver pendant is a powerful symbolic accessory that combines significant images and elements of ancient Slavic cultures. The hammer, which symbolizes protection, strength, and creative energy, represents Perun, the supreme god of Slavic mythology.

Kolovrat, known as a solar symbol, embodies the eternal movement of life, rebirth, and harmony. Runes, in turn, represent an ancient system of writing that was used to transmit knowledge and magical formulas.

This pendant is designed for those who respect the history, traditions, and wisdom of ancient Slavic peoples. Wearing such an accessory helps to emphasize the connection to the past, one's roots, and spiritual values. The pendant can serve as a powerful amulet that protects its owner from negative influences and attracts luck and success.

Metal: 925 silver
Average weight: 8.60 g
Width, cm: 1.4
Height with a loop, cm: 3.8
Height without a loop, cm: 2.8
Loop size, cm: 0.7 x 0.4"
Sterling Silver Kolovrat Hammer Pendant "Svarog" from AncientSmithy
Sterling Silver Kolovrat Hammer Pendant "Svarog" $97.00 Regular price

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