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Celtic Axe Silver Pendant "Neit "

SKU: 133199
$123.00 Regular price

Metal: sterling silver 925
Width: 0.9 in
Height with ear: 1.6 in
Height without ear: 1.3 in
Ear size: 0.2 in
Weight: 0.024 lb

Embrace your inner warrior with the Celtic Axe Silver Pendant "Neit", a powerful representation of strength and bravery. This Axe Pendant is more than just an accessory - it's a statement. Made from sterling silver, this pendant symbolizes the ancient Celtic god of war, Neit. The design is not only steeped in history but also resonates with the modern man's style, making it an essential silver pendant for men. As a standout piece in any men's jewelry collection, its meticulously crafted design showcases the intricate detailing of the Celtic axe. Whether you're a history enthusiast or a man with a bold fashion sense, this pendant caters to your unique style and persona. Echoing the strength of Neit, this piece truly epitomizes the valiant spirit of the wearer. Wear your courage around your neck with our Celtic Axe Silver Pendant "Neit".

Celtic Axe Silver Pendant "Neit " from AncientSmithy
Celtic Axe Silver Pendant "Neit " $123.00 Regular price

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