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Hand forged Viking axe with carved handle "Grusom bjørn"

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Engrave your text in Viking style:
Wooden runic box:

Hand forged Viking axe with carved handle "Grusom bjørn"

  • Legacy of the North: Crafted with passion, the "Grusom bjørn" captures the essence of Viking valor with its exquisite handmade battle axe design.
  • Artistry in Detail: Features a meticulously carved berserker on the handle, while the axe head boasts a precise engraving of the vegvisir symbol and authentic Viking patterns. The vegvisir, an ancient Icelandic rune, ensures that one never loses their way in storms or bad weather, even when the path is unknown.
  • Forged to Last: Made from high carbon steel W108 and hand-forged to perfection, ensuring durability and resilience in both battle and display.
  • Customizable Elegance: Comes with a standard engraving, but offers the opportunity for personalized axe handle inscriptions, making it an ideal gift or collector's treasure.
  • Axe Specifications: Boasts a head length of 7.87", cutting edge of 6.10", and weighs 3.08lb. Constructed with a robust ashwood handle and a Rockwell hardness of 52-56(HRC). Leather cover included for protection, and an optional wooden box available for added finesse.

Technical Details:

The length of the head: 7.87" (200mm)
Cutting edge: 6.10" (155mm)
Overall weight: 3.08lb (1.4kg)
Overall length: 23.62" (600mm)
The material of axe head: high carbon steel W108, forged
Hardness: Rockwell 52-56(HRC) 
Handle material: ashwood
The leather cover: included
The wooden box: optional
Engraving: have standard engraving (we can make your personal engraving on the axe handle) 

Describe what you would like engraved here. You can also send an image to email:

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Hand forged Viking axe with carved handle "Grusom bjørn" from AncientSmithy
Hand forged Viking axe with carved handle "Grusom bjørn" $343.00 Regular price

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