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Hand-forged hatchet “Dazhbog” with leather cover

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Hand-forged hatchet “Dazhbog” with leather cover

  • Forge of Legends: Embrace the heritage of the Norsemen with “Dazhbog”, a meticulously crafted Viking Battle Norse Axe. Designed for the brave-hearted, this Axe Hatchet embodies strength, precision, and old-world craftsmanship.
  • Sturdy & Refined: Made from high carbon steel 1065, the axe offers unbeatable durability. The ashwood handle showcases a pronounced wood grain, adding a touch of nature’s elegance to this robust tool.
  • Versatile & Functional: More than a symbol of power, “Dazhbog” is a reliable Survival Axe. Its Handmade Nordic design ensures authenticity, while the leather sheath guarantees protection during both battles and wilderness explorations.
  • Tailored to You: Make this Personalized Axe truly yours or gift it to someone special. The potential for a unique touch via engraving makes it a cherished keepsake, intertwined with history and personal sentiment.
  • Key Specifications: Boasts a head length of 5.90'', an overall span of 18.9'', and a cutting edge of 3.54''. Every axe is crafted with a hardness of 48-52(HRC) and comes with a leather cover. For those wanting an extra touch of elegance, a wooden box is optionally available.

Technical Details:

The length of the head: 5.90'' (150mm)
Overall Length:
18.9'' (480mm)
Cutting edge: 3.54'' (90mm)

The material of the axe head: high carbon steel 1065
Handle material: ashwood
Hardness: Rockwell 48-52(HRC)
The leather cover: included
The wooden box: optional

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Hand-forged hatchet “Dazhbog” with leather cover from AncientSmithy
Hand-forged hatchet “Dazhbog” with leather cover $123.00 Regular price

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