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Silver Viking Axe Pendant "Izanami"

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Step into the world of the ancient Vikings with our Silver Axe Pendant, an authentic piece of Viking Jewelry for Men. Combining traditional design with modern elegance, this pendant is a striking representation of Viking culture and mythology.

Crafted with precision, this Viking Pendant showcases an axe, a vital tool and weapon in Norse history. It's imbued with elements of Norse Mythology, making it not just a piece of jewelry but a talisman believed to provide protection and strength. Made from high-quality silver, this Norse Jewelry piece is both durable and stylish, perfect for any man looking to add a bold touch to their attire. As a silver pendant for men, it’s understated yet impactful, making it suitable for daily wear or special occasions. The Viking Talisman is also a fantastic gift for history enthusiasts, followers of Norse mythology, or anyone who appreciates unique Viking accessories. Embrace the warrior within with this awe-inspiring pendant.

Metal: 925 silver
Width, cm: 1.1
Height with eyelet, cm: 3.7
Height without eyelet, cm: 3.0
Eyelet size, cm: 0.7 х 0.4

Weight: 2.25 g

Silver Viking Axe Pendant "Izanami" from AncientSmithy
Silver Viking Axe Pendant "Izanami" $28.00 Regular price

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