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Hammer Eye Drift for blacksmithing

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Hammer Eye Drift for Blacksmithing - Master's Choice

  • Precision Crafted for Blacksmith Masters: Specifically designed for those who demand the best in their tools, this Hammer Eye Drift is the perfect addition to any blacksmith's workshop.

  • Optimal Weight & Size: Boasting an overall weight of 3.08lb (1.4kg) and a length of 15.35" (390mm), it ensures a balanced and comfortable grip for precision work.

  • Ideal Work Size: With a work size of 0.99x0.99" (25x25mm), it's perfectly dimensioned for creating consistent and precise eye holes in your projects.

  • Superior Material & Durability: Forged from the finest D2 steel, this drift is not only tough but also hardened and tempered to withstand years of heavy use, ensuring longevity and reliability.

  • Built for Heavy Use: Whether you're working on a delicate project or something more robust, this Hammer Eye Drift is designed to handle both with ease, making it a must-have for every blacksmith master.

Invest in quality. Elevate your blacksmithing projects with the Hammer Eye Drift that masters trust.

Technical Details:

Overall weight: 3.08lb (1.4kg)
Overall length: 15.35" (390mm)
Work size: 0.99x0.99" (25x25mm)
The material: forged from D2 steel hardened and tempered to enable years of heavy use

SKU: drift-hammer
Hammer Eye Drift for blacksmithing from AncientSmithy
Hammer Eye Drift for blacksmithing $85.00 Regular price

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