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Leather cover / Kydex cover for tomahawk

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Leather cover/ Kydex cover for tomahawk

  • Premium Protection: Introducing the ultimate Sheath for Axe - be it Kydex or Leather, each meticulously crafted to keep your tomahawk safeguarded.
  • Kydex Excellence: Rely on our Kydex Tomahawk Case for unmatched durability and reliability. Its precision-molded design ensures your tomahawk fits snugly, shielded from impacts, scratches, and the unexpected.
  • Authentic Leather Craft: Opt for our Leather Sheath, fashioned from 100% genuine leather. It not only guards against injuries but also adds a touch of elegance to your gear.
  • Adventure-Ready: Whether you're a pro in the wild, an outdoor aficionado, or simply cherish your tomahawk, our sheaths stand up to any challenge, ensuring your tomahawk's longevity.
  • Customize Your Style: Choose your Sheath for Axe in striking Black or the timeless appeal of dark leather. Make it uniquely yours.
SKU: Kbla
Leather cover / Kydex cover for tomahawk from AncientSmithy
Leather cover / Kydex cover for tomahawk $45.00 Regular price

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