Custom OTHALA Carved Axe with runic head

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The Viking axe is represented by drawings of a special character. At the handle of the axe is rune OTHALA

The Othala Rune represents something that is innate, natural, or handed down. It imagines a particular kind of wealth that belongs to the familial spring. Thus, it is easy to understand that the Othala rune has a genetic component to it.
Othala is a rune of divine spiritual power.
The Othala rune shape represents a fish that is going against the downward flow of time.
It is a transcendent rune and thus has a place among Tyr’s Aett.

On the head of the ax are runes that bring good luck, glory, wealth and self-confidence ...

Materials and Dimensions

Material of axe head: high carbon steel 60
Processing: forging, etching, engraving, oxidation, carving.
The length and wigth of the blade: 160mm x 205mm (6.29" * 8.07")
Handle length: 620mm (24.40")
Handle material: beechwood
Leather case included
Weight: 1400g.

All steps involved in making this axe was done solely with care by hand. No CNC, Waterjet or pre-cut blanks were used.

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