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Hand-forged blacksmith bottom round swage - high-quality anvil tool

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Hand-dorged blacksmith bottom round swage - high-quality anvil tool

Round bottom swages are tools used by blacksmiths to shape and form rounded or concave surfaces in metal. These tools typically have a hemispherical or rounded bottom surface, and they are used in combination with a hammer or power hammer to create various curved or rounded shapes in metalwork. Blacksmiths use round bottom swages for tasks such as forming curves, dishing, creating decorative elements, and shaping metal into more complex and artistic forms. These tools are essential for achieving precise and uniform curves and contours in metal objects during the forging process.

Technical Details:

Overall length: 5.1" (132mm); 5.1" (130mm)
Overall weight: 2.8lb (1.27kg); 3.6lb (1.63kg)
Work size length:  0.98" (25mm)

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We offer a lifetime warranty on all our blacksmithing tools.

Hand - forged blacksmith bottom round swage - high - quality anvil tool from AncientSmithy
Hand-forged blacksmith bottom round swage - high-quality anvil tool $90.00 Regular price

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