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Hand forged Fireman's Axe "American superhero" with leather case

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Hand forged Fireman's Axe "American superhero" with leather case(Functional version)

  • The Firefighter's Ultimate Tool: Our "American superhero" embodies the legacy of the Fireman's Axe. Designed for those who defy danger, it blends the chopping prowess of a Survival Axe with the unrivaled utility of a Two Hand Long Fireman's Axe.
  • Chop & Breach with Precision: Featuring the raw power of an American Felling axe's edge for robust cuts and a stout pick for breakthrough actions, this axe guarantees optimum performance during high-stake rescue missions.
  • Time-Tested Guardian: Trusted by firefighters across the globe for over 100 years, this design ensures efficient breaches into barricaded spaces, ensuring swift rescues and securing safe passageways during emergencies.
  • Craftsmanship & Customization: Elegantly hand-carved from ashwood with an included leather case, the "American superhero" also offers an optional wooden box. Personalize it with custom engravings on the handle to make it truly one-of-a-kind.
  • Key Specifications: A commanding 35” in length and weighing 6.6lb. It features a 7.48” carbon steel forged axe head and a 5.1” cutting edge, with a hardness of Rockwell 58-59(HRC). The perfect gift for our real-life superheroes - firefighters.

Technical Details:

Overall length: 35” (890mm)
Overall weight: 6.6lb (3kg)
The length of the axe head: 7.48” (190mm)
Cutting edge: 5.1” (130mm)
The material of axe head: carbon steel, forged
Hardness: Rockwell 58-59(HRC)
Type: Functional axe, ready to use
Handle material: ashwood
The leather сover: included
The wooden box: optional
Engraving: we can make your custom engraving on the wooden handle: text, logo

Describe what you would like engraved here. You can also send an image to email:

Hand forged Fireman's Axe "American superhero" with leather case from AncientSmithy
Hand forged Fireman's Axe "American superhero" with leather case $292.00 Regular price

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