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Hand-forged Gagegizhig tomahawk

$236.00 Regular price
🙌 Production time 1-2 weeks
Add personal engraving:
Add wooden Runic Box:
Add black Kydex sheath :

Hand-forged Gagegizhig tomahawk

  • Authentic Indian Craftsmanship: The "Gagegizhig" tomahawk is a genuine reflection of traditional Indian battle tomahawk design, hand-forged with intricate detailing for those seeking a real experience.
  • Versatile & Functional: Beyond its stunning appearance, this tomahawk axe serves perfectly as a camping & hatchet axe. Its sharp cutting edge ensures it's ready for any battle or hunting escapade.
  • Durable & Unique: Crafted with high carbon steel 1060, this hand-forged tomahawk boasts longevity. The ashwood handle, threaded with rope, gives a comfortable grip while adding a rustic aesthetic. Adorned with tribal engravings, it also offers a blackened section on the handle, ideal for personal customization.
  • Customizable Engravings: While the tomahawk comes with standard engravings, make it uniquely yours! Opt for a personal engraving on the wooden handle, be it your name, text, or a cherished logo.
  • Product Specifications: Head length is 9.45", with a cutting edge of 2.75", and weighs 2.42lb. The overall length measures 19.68", hardness at Rockwell 52-56(HRC). 

Technical Details:

The length of the head: 9.45" (240mm)
Cutting edge:
2.75" (70mm)
Overall weight:
2.42lb (1.1kg)
Overall length:
19.68" (500mm)
The material of axe head:
high carbon steel 1060, forged
Handle material: 
ashwood with rope thread
Rockwell 52-56(HRC)
The leather cover: is included
Kydex sheath: optional 
The wooden box: optional
have standart engraving (we can make your personal engraving: text, logo)

Tomahawk named in memory of the leader of the Indians Gagegizhig - which means the Eternal sky

All steps involved in making this axe was done solely with care by hand. No CNC, Waterjet or pre-cut blanks were used.

SKU: tomahawk-3
Hand - forged Gagegizhig tomahawk from AncientSmithy
Hand-forged Gagegizhig tomahawk $236.00 Regular price

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