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Hand-forged "Ragnarok Kratos axe" with carved handle and Luminescent runes

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Hand-forged  "Ragnarok Kratos axe" with carved handle

  • Iconic Leviathan Design: Experience the legendary "Ragnarok Kratos Axe", inspired by the renowned God's Axe Weapon. A tribute to the might of Kratos, this axe is an essential for every avid fan and collector.
  • Artistry in Craftsmanship: Delve into the meticulous hand-forged detailing of the Leviathan Axe. The total black head design is not just a symbol but an embodiment of precision and craftsmanship. Each axe is a masterpiece, ensuring every Kratos Axe is unique, without a duplicate in existence.
  • Sturdy and Authentic: Crafted from high carbon steel W108 and paired with a robust ashwood handle adorned with gentle leather, this Battle Axe offers longevity. It's more than a Two Handed Long Axe; it's an artifact that narrates a tale of valor and heroism.
  • For the True Fans: Beyond being a functional Viking Axe, it serves as a magnificent collectible for Ragnarok enthusiasts. With its intricately carved handle, owning this is akin to holding a fragment of the game universe in your hands.
  • Specifications & Customizations: Measures an overall length of 35.82" with distinct blade dimensions. The axe head showcases the resilience of forged high carbon steel W108. Opt for the wooden box for added grandeur. The axe comes with a standard engraving, but for a touch of personal flair, custom engravings on the wooden handle are available. Note: To meet Customs requirements, the axe is delivered unsharpened.

Technical Details:

Overall length: 35.82" (910mm)
Length from blade to blade:
12.59" (320mm)
Cutting big edge length:
8.66" (220mm)
The second blade length:
3.93" (100mm)
Overall weight:
9.25lb (4.2kg)
The material of axe head:
high carbon steel W108, forged
Handle material:
ashwood with gently leather
Functional axe with hardened blade: optional
The wooden box:
Luminescent runes: optional
has standard engraving (we can make your personal engraving on the wooden part of the handle: text, logo)

Charging Instructions for Fluorescent Runes on Your Axe

Fluorescent runes on your axe can be charged effectively using light. Follow these steps to ensure optimal charging:

Choose a Well-Lit Area:
Place your axe with fluorescent runes in an area with ample natural or artificial light. The runes absorb energy from light sources, so a well-lit environment is essential.

Direct Exposure to Light:
Position the axe in a way that the fluorescent runes receive direct exposure to light. Ensure that the runes are not obstructed by any objects, allowing them to absorb light effectively.

Duration of Exposure:
For optimal charging, let the fluorescent runes absorb light for at least 2-4 hours. Longer exposure may result in a more sustained glow. Natural sunlight or bright artificial light works best.

Rotate the Axe:
Periodically rotate the axe to ensure all sides of the fluorescent runes receive equal exposure to light. This helps in achieving a uniform and consistent glow across the runes.

Avoid Extreme Heat:
While charging, avoid exposing the axe to extreme heat sources, as this could damage both the runes and the axe. Room temperature is ideal for the charging process.

Test the Glow:
After charging, move to a darker environment and observe the glow of the fluorescent runes. If the glow is not as expected, return the axe to a well-lit area for additional charging.

Repeat as Needed:
If the glow diminishes over time, repeat the charging process. Regular exposure to light ensures a sustained and vibrant glow from the fluorescent runes.

Remember, proper charging enhances the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the fluorescent runes on your axe. Enjoy the mesmerizing glow in low-light conditions!


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Hand-forged "Ragnarok Kratos axe" with carved handle and Luminescent runes from AncientSmithy
Hand-forged "Ragnarok Kratos axe" with carved handle and Luminescent runes $384.00 Regular price

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