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Mjolnir (Thor hammer) Ragnarok Gold version

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Mjolnir (Thor hammer) from Ragnarok Gold version

  • Golden Mjolnir Excellence: Delve into Norse mythology with our gold version of the Mjolnir hammer from the game: Ragnarok. This Thor's Hammer captures the essence of Viking valor and God's tales.
  • Premium Build & Design: Made from a metalized aircraft alloy and wrapped with gently leather on the handle, it boasts craftsmanship that stands the test of time.
  • Detailed Engravings & Finishing: Showcasing deep 1mm engraving and fortified with high-quality, heat and water-resistant acrylic paint, and acrylic lacquer, ensuring a stunning appearance and protection from wear. Each hammer is carefully hand-painted.
  • Ultimate Collector's Gift: A must-have Mjolnir Replica. Perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Viking lore, making it an unrivaled gift for fans and collectors alike.
  • Personalizable Packaging: Arrives in an optional wooden box with standard engraving. Dimensions: Hammer - 14.17" (360mm) total, 9.8х5.1х2.6" head; Weighs 8.81lb.

Technical Details:

Overall length: 14.17" (360mm)
Head size: 9.8х5.1х2.6"(250х130х65mm)
Overall weight: 8.81lb (4kg)
The material of the hammer: solid aircraft alloy, not hollow
The wooden box: optional
Luminescent runes: optional
Engraving: the box have default engraving

Mjolnir (Thor hammer) from God of War: Ragnarok Gold version from AncientSmithy
Mjolnir (Thor hammer) Ragnarok Gold version $499.00 Regular price

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