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Two-edged axe "Havamal"(Functional version)

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Two-Edged Axe "Havamal"(Functional version)

  • Masterful Norse Craftsmanship: Dive deep into Viking history with the "Havamal" Double Edge Norse Hatchet. Hand-forged, this Battle Long Axe is a testament to ancient valor and warrior spirit.
  • Supreme Material & Build: Made of robust 1066 carbon steel, this Viking Axe promises precision in every strike. With its unique double-edged design, it stands as an icon of Nordic combat prowess.
  • Artistry & Functionality Unified: Ashwood handle, intricately wrapped in soft leather, flaunts the perfect blend of Nordic design and durability. Alongside, the included leather cover ensures protection when not in action.
  • Specifications & Custom Options: Boasting an overall length of 32.87", blade-to-blade of 12.59", and a 7.08" cutting edge. Weighs 4.18lb. Opt for a protective wooden box and further personalize with unique engravings.
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