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Unique hand forged Mjolnir hammer(Thor's Hammer)

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$571.00 Regular price
🙌 Production time 2-7 days
Personal engraving additionally:

Thor's Mjolnir Hammer - A Collector's Dream

  • Authentic Design: Experience the true essence of Thor's hammer with our meticulously crafted Mjolnir hammer. A must-have for every collector's showcase.

  • Perfect Dimensions: Boasting an overall length of 17.71" (450mm) and a head size of 8.66x5.51x5.51" (220x140x140mm), this hammer is designed to impress while maintaining its legendary aesthetics.

  • Premium Weight: Feel the power of the gods with an overall weight of 11.24lb (5.1kg), ensuring a solid grip and a majestic presence.

  • Superior Materials: Constructed from high-quality stainless steel, complemented by a gentle leather grip, ensuring durability while providing a comfortable hold.

  • Customizable Engraving: Comes with a standard engraving, but for those who seek a personal touch, we offer custom engraving on the head, making your Mjolnir hammer truly one-of-a-kind.

  • Elegant Stand Included: Display your Mjolnir hammer with pride using the included stand, designed to showcase its grandeur from every angle.

  • Collector's Delight: Whether you're a fan of Norse mythology or the iconic Marvel universe, this Mjolnir hammer is the perfect addition to your collection.

Add this exquisite piece of craftsmanship to your collection today and own a piece of legendary history.

Technical Details:

Overall weight: 11.24lb (5.1kg)
Overall length: 17.71" (450mm)
Head size: 8.66x5.51x5.51" (220x140x140mm)
The material: stainless steel with gently leather
Stand: included
Engraving: default engraving (also we can make your personal engraving on the head)


Unique hand forged Mjolnir hammer(Thor's Hammer) from AncientSmithy
Unique hand forged Mjolnir hammer(Thor's Hammer) $571.00 Regular price

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