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Wooden display for tomahawk

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Wooden display for tomahawk

  • Elegant Display Craftsmanship: Our wooden stand transforms a tomahawk into a stunning piece of home decor. Designed to showcase the beauty of your prized possession, this stand turns your tomahawk into a focal point, displaying it prominently for all to admire.
  • Handmade Excellence: Each stand is handcrafted from select hardwoods, emphasizing the natural beauty and unique wood grain of each piece. This attention to detail ensures that your tomahawk is cradled in a stand as bespoke as the tool itself.
  • Personalized to Perfection: Understanding the personal connection to your tomahawk, we offer customization options for the stand. Engraving a name, emblem, or message, your display stand can be tailored to reflect your personal style or the ethos of the tomahawk it holds.
  • Specifications and Customization: The precise craftsmanship guarantees your tomahawk is displayed safely and elegantly. With options for custom engravings, create a display stand that not only showcases your tomahawk but also tells its story.

Technical Details:

Overall length: 23.62x2.45x0.78" (600x65x20mm)
Blade size: 3.55x0.19" (90x5mm)
Overall weight: 1.24lb (0.565kg)
The material of the stand: oakwood
Engraving: we can make your personal engraving 

Wooden display for tomahawk from AncientSmithy
Wooden display for tomahawk $36.00 Regular price

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