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Mjolnir (Thor hammer) from God of War: Ragnarok Bronze version

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Mjolnir (Thor hammer) from God of War: Ragnarok Bronze version

  • Wield the Power of Gods: ExperiencPerfect for God of War Enthusiasts: Whether you're gifting a fan or adding to your collection, this God of War Hammer, with its precise replication and pristine finish, makes for an unforgettable memento.he mystique of the legendary Mjolnir Hammer from God of War: Ragnarok. Intricately designed to replicate Thor Hammer's essence, this creation stands out as an iconic symbol in the Viking universe.
  • True Craftsmanship & Detailing: Dive into the minute details with our fully metalized aircraft alloy hammer. Its deep 1mm engraving and the touch of high-quality heat and water-resistant acrylic paint ensure its resilience against wear and tear. Each hammer is carefully hand-painted.
  • A Collector's Must-Have: If you're a God of War aficionado, this Viking Hammer is your holy grail. Protected with a layer of robust acrylic lacquer, this Mjolnir Metal Real Hammer is designed not just for admiration but also for longevity.
  • Key Specifications & Customization: Boasts a handle length of 14.17", a head size of 9.8x5.1x2.6", and weighing 8.81lb. Composed of metal and accented with gently leathered handle. While it comes in an optional wooden box with standard engraving, you have the choice to customize the box's inner lid for that personal touch.

Technical Details:

Handle length: 14.17" (360mm)
Head size: 9.8х5.1х2.6"(250х130х65mm)
Overall weight: 8.81lb (4kg)
The material of the hammer: metal with gently leather on the handle
The wooden box: optional
Engraving: the box have standart engraving (we can make your personal engraving on the box lid inside)

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Mjölnir (Thor hammer) from God of War from AncientSmithy
Mjolnir (Thor hammer) from God of War: Ragnarok Bronze version
$414.17 Regular price $499.00

You save 17 %!

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